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available for purchase here.

released November 23, 2018

Edmar Colón • saxophones

Steve Conroy • bass

Wendy Eisenberg • guitar & noise

Aiden Garabed Farrell • drums & percussion

Peter Godart • keyboards

Henry Ott • guitar

Lukas Papenfusscline • vox

Abby Swidler • violin & viola

Julia Rose Duray & Tessa Barlow-Ochshorn • spoken vocals


Produced (& additional engineering) by Lily Wen

Engineered by Peter Atkinson

Mixed by Peter Atkinson and Lily Wen 

Mastered by Henry Ott

Album art by Alia Wilhelm


all songs traditional, arranged by mammifères & friends.

recorded at blue jay studios, chamber of commerce, & elsewhere.

partly mixed at figure 8 studios.

"a collage of sound with an experimental polish, punctuated by all the blips and wailing electronica that buries and drags these songs into the vastness of the variable world ... We described lead vocalist and bandleader Lukas Papenfusscline’s previous placement in our Year’s Best back in 2016, as a “hallucinogenic field recording from the road”, but Olema is eminently more jarring and realized, with ... a terrifying tone transforming the songs of our centuries into the rantings of madmen. Essential, in all meanings of the word; a divine, disquieting artifact of the folkways." - Cover Lay Down

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