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in development

Initial performance December 14th, 2019 at NYPL's historic Jefferson Market Library  (Frank Collerius, manager). Tickets here

Conceived & Created by Lukas Papenfusscline

Produced by Wednesday Derrico and Tatiana Baccari of Experimental Bitch Presents with Lukas Papenfusscline.

Directed by Allison Benko.

Music by Anna Roberts-Gevalt

Loosely based on Geoffrey Chaucer's Troilus & Criseyde, &CRISEYDE explores how creators of theatre can co-opt and dismantle the power of narrative in order to free characters who have been trapped in cycles of oppression for centuries. It uses the tenets of queer theory, live musical accompaniment, and performance art to wrestle with Chaucer’s original work. By toying with Chaucer's language and the actors themselves, creator Lukas Papenfusscline asks what right we have to abuse characters and manipulate them to serve our own narrative ends.


Tessa Barlow-Ochshorn - Helen
Joyia Bradley - Pandarus
Anthony Gabriel - Actor Manager 2
Robert Leverett - Troilus
X Senn-Yuen - Actor Manager 1
Yael Shavitt - Cressida

Part of the EBP Development Series.

original workshop collaborators: Julia Rose Duray, Allison Benko, Hannah Goldman, Ryan Salvato, Nora Kaye, Maggie Hood. 

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